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Results 2014

Rex Beaumont Cup (Sunday 25th May 11am to 7pm)

  1. Ollie Dooner 2.454 lbs.
  2. John Tyrrell 2.336 lbs.
  3. Mick Flanagan 2.320 lbs.
  4. Sean Goulding 2.150 lbs.

Fish Returned: 13

Conditions: Light winds. Good cloud cover. Nice hatch of buttons. Very few Mayfly. Most anglers reported meeting lots of undersized fish.

Ollie Dooner

Jimmy Nea Cup (Friday 18th July 7pm to 11pm)

  1. Val Murphy 3.688 lbs.
  2. Tony English 3.568 lbs.
  3. Mick Devenney 2.826 lbs.
  4. Noel Farrar 2.750 lbs.

Fish Returned: 16

Conditions: Conditions sunny and warm during the early part of the evening. Nice hatch of peter. Most anglers reported meeting fish.

Lough Ennell Perpetual Cup (Sunday 31st August 11am to 7pm)

  1. Liam McKnight 2.54lbs.
  2. Maurice Gorman 1.952lbs.
  3. Martin McGorian 1.654lbs.

Fish Returned: 7

Conditions: Good fishing conditions.

O'Malley Cup (Sunday 21st September 11am to 7pm)

  1. John Brennan 2.430 lbs.
  2. Noel Kenny 2.314 lbs.
  3. Donal Stenson 2.278 lbs.
  4. Sean Goulding 2.232 lbs.

Fish Returned: 8

Conditions: Bright calm conditions for large parts of the day. A few olives and sedges. Anglers happy with the return given the conditions.

Christy Sleator Perpetual Cup (Sunday 28th September 11am to 7pm)

  1. J Doherty 2.296 lbs.
  2. B Murray 2.182 lbs.
  3. P Dunne 2.016 lbs.

Fish Returned: 4

Conditions:Calm conditions for most of the day with decent cloud cover. A few daddies, olives and sedges.

Tyrell McKeever Perpetual Cup

  • Winner Val Murphy 5.436 lbs.

Calendar 2014

Date/Time Competition
Sunday 25th May
11am to 7pm
Rex Beaumont Cup
Sunday 6th July
11am to 5pm
Family Day Out
(All Species)
Friday 18th July
7pm to 11pm
Jimmy Nea Cup
Sunday 31st August
11am to 7pm
Lough Ennell Perpetual Cup
Sunday 21st September
11am to 7pm
O'Malley Cup
Sunday 28th September
11am to 7pm
Christy Sleator Perpetual Cup
Sunday 19th October
11am to 5pm
Con Hope Perpetual Cup