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Results 2013

Christy Sleator Perpetual Cup (Sunday 28th September 11am to 7pm)

  1. Johnny O'Malley 4.662 lbs.
  2. Kieran Newman 3.904 lbs.
  3. Dave McBride 3.696 lbs.

Number Entries: 32 | Fish Returned: 8

Conditions: Strong south winds. Sunshine and cloud cover. Very little fly life.

Cracking Trout 4.662lbs Kieran and Bernie Newman

O'Malley Cup (Sunday 22nd September 11am to 7pm)

  1. John Brennan 2.634 lbs.
  2. Conor Lynch 2.246 lbs.
  3. Aidan Heffernan 1.892 lbs.
  4. John Plunkett 1.782 lbs.

Number Entries: 27 | Fish Returned: 9

Conditions: Light to Moderate Southeast winds. Bright sunshine all day. Very little fly life.

Lough Ennell Perpetual Cup (Sunday 25th August 11am to 7pm)

  1. Dave McBride 1.798 lbs.
  2. Kieran Newman 1.528 lbs.
  3. Conor Lynch 1.224 lbs.
  4. John Plunkett 1.782 lbs.

Number Entries: 16 | Fish Returned: 3

Conditions: Moderate Northwest winds. Plenty of reed smuts. Lots of perch fry at south end of lake.

Jimmy Nea Cup (Friday 26th July 7pm to 11pm )

  1. Conor Lynch 2.420 lbs.

Number Entries: 29 | Fish Returned: 1

Conditions: Strong Southerly winds. Hatches of peters and murroughs with very few fish rising.

Winner Conor Lynch

Rex Beaumont Cup (Sunday 26th May 11am to 7pm )

  1. Ollie Mahedy 4.062 lbs.
  2. Mick Mallone 2.112 lbs.
  3. Gerry Cleary 1.346 lbs.

Number Entries: 26 | Fish Returned: 8

Conditions: Southeasy wind, sunshine with some cloud cover. Good hatch of mayfly.

Winner Ollie Mahedy

Tyrell McKeever Perpetual Cup

  • Winner Conor Lynch
Tyrell McKeever Perpetual Cup Presentation